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George Allen Miles Jr.
Buddy Miles

-September 5, 1947-February 26, 2008...
 a great boss, a great friend
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My involvement in the 1960's San Francisco Rock Music scene and eventual employment and friendship with Buddy laid the threads and connections that would eventually make me a participant of  the early Silicon Valley rise of the "personal computer revolution" and to IMSAI.  I could write a book about the two years I spent with Buddy and the adventures we had.  I probably will...

LEFT:  Buddy Miles and Carlos Santana at the Sunshine '71 Crater Festival in Diamond Head Crater, Honolulu, Hawaii (late December, 1971)


Don't know anything about Buddy Miles?
Do you remember the California Raisins commercials that ran on radio and television back in the late 1980's?  If you do, that's Buddy singing lead vocal on "I Heard It Through The Grapevine".   Do an internet search and you'll find plenty more about this remarkable and understated performer who contributed so much to pop music from the 1960's up until the time of his death.    Below are some available video clips on that illustrate his talents as drummer, singer, and guitar player: performing with Carlos Santana (date and venue unknown, but probably mid to late 1970's).  I was with Buddy at his house in Novato in late 1971 when he first called Carlos Santana and proposed the idea of a surprise jam in Hawaii at the Diamond Head Crater "Sunshine Festival".  I was present for all prior planning and efforts as well as  the performance. 

After the festival, Buddy, myself, my cohort Richie, and Denise (Buddy's girlfriend at the time) flew over to Maui where we happened to run into Barry Hilton (Barron Hilton III) who subsequently invited us to join him in sailing his 55-year old twin-masted yacht around the island.  Absolutely unforgettable!  I still have a few photos that I took on stage during that jam.  Buddy's girlfriend at the time, Denise, later "borrowed" my 35 mm slide photos, many taken during our memorable experience with Barry Hilton for use in artwork for the cover of Buddy's upcoming "Chapter 7" album, but I never saw them again after that.  Buddy performing c. 1969 with Jimi Hendrix at the old Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco.  I believe it was in late 1968 or early 1969 when Buddy played there again, second on the bill to "Cream", and was determined to outperform Cream's drummer Ginger Baker.  In a wild and exuberant performance, arms flailing with tightly gripped drumsticks, Buddy ended up knocking, then kicking over his drum kit, drum stool, and anyone even close, never missing a beat, and finally ending up on his butt while pounding the remnant of his bass drum with his fist.  The crowd exploded with applause, shouting, and whistling to affirm then and there the admiration and acceptance for the explosive talent that this young performer had so boldly exhibited!