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Fischer-Freitas Company

Fischer-Freitas Company was established in October of 1978 by long-time IMS Associates, Inc./IMSAI Manufacturing Corporation employees Thomas "Todd" Fischer and Nancy Freitas to provide independent service and support for IMSAI computer systems.  We started out in an old warehouse (910-81st. Avenue), next door to Mothers Cookies and across the street from Nabisco in a seedy south Oakland, California neighborhood. We provided third-party and contract warranty service for IMSAI computer products, floppy and hard disk repair, terminal, monitor service/sales, and other opportunities in the developing microcomputer market.  In 1979, Nancy and I secured the trademarks and proprietary manufacturing resources, production rights, necessary fixtures and tooling to continue production of the legendary IMSAI line of computer products, now as a division of Fischer-Freitas Corporation.

Renewed interest in "retro-computing" combined with prestige collector appeal for the classic IMSAI 8080 has prompted us to once again offer classic hardware, support, and historical perspective, as well as some newly-designed IMSAI products for the scientific, educational and hobbyist community. Your input is warmly invited.

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