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Some "Toys" from the past...

Life isn't about all work.  It must be balanced, in recreation and artistic pursuit.  Here's a personal collection of a few of my "material moments"...

In 1993, Charlie Ruelas, a friend (and customer of my auto restoration shop), and I built this '23 Bucket "T", powered by a hot little 'Vette 327 motor.  We had some fun, and made a few bucks when we later sold it

Another shot of what my two young daughters called "the hot-ride"

Before and After pictures of our '55 Willys CJ 5 Jeep (powered with a Chevy 306 V-8) taken six days apart in 1985 at our first house in Orangevale, California.

That's my good friend Bill Willoughby (a former dealer for IMSAI in Hong Kong in the 'Seventies), who came up to help me out 40 hours before we headed out for Sierra Trek '85.  Having had no sleep in that 40-hour period, we drove 90 miles to the trail head and completed the grueling Fordyce Creek trail run 10 hours after the last vehicle (out of 50 entered) had left the starting point.  Come to think of it, I don't think Bill ever rode with me again!

This 1925 Lincoln Dual Windshield Sport Phaeton (with 32,000 original miles) belonged to the former Towe Ford Collection in Sacramento, California, where I was a Charter Docent, and Docent Training Chairman.  I refurbished it to show condition in 1989 after it had languished in deteriorating condition at the Deer Lodge, Montana museum for 12 years.  Out of gratitude, collection owner Edward Towe, his daughter Christie Hartley, and Sacramento Towe Ford Museum Director Ernie Hartley allowed me to take this beautiful automobile on a tour through Yosemite with the Model T Ford Club of America and the Lincoln Club. 

Nancy and I packed our camping gear into the back seat and left Sacramento to drive the entire 4 day trip, often at speeds of 65 mph, with no problems (other than using about one quart of oil every 80 miles or so).  Probably typical for big cars of this era.  We even towed a "dead" Model T about 6 miles on a side trip to Big Bear Lake.  It must have been a rare and curious site to see us camped at a KOA campground, tent pitched alongside a $100,000 automobile; Ambassadors of good will amongst the populace! 
A truly beautiful automobile!

A nice little '25 Ford Model T Roadster Pickup, stock motor with some neat accessories, including a two-speed Ruxtell rear axle.  I could make about 50 mph comfortably and reliably.

(1984) On the desert, about 60 miles east of Tonopah, Nevada, in my beloved 45 hp, 52" prop Pterodactyl Ascender.  I was "buzzed" by two low-flying Air Force jets moments after I reached altitude, pilots possibly wishing they could trade places for a little while!

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