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July 8, 1982-  Fischer-Freitas Corporation Marketing Director Bob Walker wrote this memo after talking to Unique Product Placement's' Cliff McMullen.  Little did we realize how big an opportunity this would be for our company.  Bob's excitement is evident in his bold-hand notations.
July 8, 1982- Customer Service Invoice generated as a work order by our faithful employee Denise Manry, close friend and also a former IMSAI co-worker.
Note that our original plan was to hand-deliver the items to the film set in Culver City.  Scheduling conflicts prevented this from happening.
After conferring with Cliff McMullen regarding the prop requirements of the film, he forwarded a large bundle including film projects, in progress and completed, that his firm had placed product in.  Among his more notable achievements was his success in getting the candy "Reese's Pieces" placed in Steven Spielberg's "ET". These guy's are major league!
August 3, 1982-  This is the shipping invoice that includes the IMSAI 8080, an FDC2-2 dual (Calcomp 142) 8" floppy disk drive, an IKB-1 Intelligent keyboard (which we later exchanged for the IKB-2 featured in the movie), the Cermetek 212A modem and power supply (which we disguised as an IMSAI 212A modem), and manuals.  Note the insurance value of $3500 and return period of three weeks.
These two Greyhound Bus waybills document the return of something which escapes my memory at the moment, and our sending down the IMSAI 8080 package.
August 10, 1982-  After looking over the Fischer-Freitas Corporation catalogue, Mandy Film's Special Effects Supervisor Mike Fink decided on these items.  Notice they were sent Air Cal (air freight), as requested.
QBMc.gif (92737 bytes)One opportunity led to another as confirmed in this letter from Quinn, Brein & McCarthy, who seemed to have a problem with my surname rather than my wife's, which was more common.  Finding ourselves undercapitalized in an expanding market at the time, and seeking investment capital, we were not able to exploit this generous offer.
This page from the August 1983 issue of Popular Mechanics explains some little known facts behind the generation of graphics on the set of the NORAD computer room.  It also helps establish some connection to some of the obscure names on the film's credit list!