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Available now...


The latest edition of the original IMSAI 8080 Microcomputer User Manual... reproduced with the same binder and heavy paper as the original, but more complete than ever before!  Click here for more information.


Replacement Parts
(All parts sold are new production unless otherwise noted)


Qty req'd

Part Number


I-8080 Front Panel Sub-assembly- consists of  the following items marked with *
Replace or renew that I-8080 front panel plastic with a new front panel set!
(Price includes labor for fitting and positioning)



$110.00 ea.

* Plastic panel, clear 3/16" drilled




* Plastic panel, red 1/8" drilled




* Photo Mask, 8080 front panel (rev. 2)
NOTE: The mask is an exact computer-generated reproduction of the original I8080 mask and is laser-imaged onto 4-mil film.  This results in each mask being a "master" with crisp, sharp, perfectly aligned graphics, as opposed to the originals that were second, third and fourth generation copies of the original hand-layout artwork which was photographically reproduced.




* Paper Backing, die-cut
NOTE: The paper mask is die-cut from 90# white index stock using a new computer-generated cutting die. Its purpose is to provide contrasting white background to the clear areas of the IMSAI 8080 film mask.   Alignment perfectly matches the photo mask above.  Due to variations in original 8080 production, no guarantee is made that your old film mask will align without some minor trimming.




* Spacer, nylon #6 1/4" dia. 1/4" length



set of 8

* Spacer, nylon #6 1/4" dia. 7/16" length



set of 8

* Screw, 6-32 x 1 1/4" BHS black oxide



set of 8

Switch Bracket- Original specification, critical as mechanical alignment and support when mounting switches to the front panel circuit board.




Screw, #4x 1/4" Slotted Hex Head self-tapping Type A Sheet Metal (used to mount front panel switches to the switch bracket). 22 20-2203001 $1.50/
set of 22 pieces

We've got replacement front panel switches and handles!
(These are new production, not old stock!)


Qty req'd

Part Number


I-8080 Front Panel (CPA) Switch Kit
Full set of  22 switches with paddles - the original IMSAI I-8080 specification!
SAVE $21 ($296.00 if purchased individually)
- 26-5808002

$275.00/ set of 22

Red Paddle Switch, momentary RED MOM (Deposit, Run/Stop positions) 2 26-1500003 $14.50
Blue Paddle Switch, momentary BLUE MOM (Examine, Reset, Single Step positions) 3 26-1500004 $15.50
Red Paddle Switch, on/on RED ONO (Address/Data and Address/Programmed Input positions) 8 26-1500002 $12.50
Blue Paddle Switch, on/on BLUE ONO (Address/Data and Address/Programmed Input positions) 8 26-1500001 $13.50
Red Rocker Switch, on/on RED ONO (Power On/Off) 1 26-1600001 $12.50
Replacement handle note:  We've had a number of folks who have ordered complete switch assemblies when all they really need is just the handle, or paddle.  The handles are easily removed and replaced without having to disassemble anything.  Unless the handle is completely missing, just slip a thin-bladed screwdriver along one side or the other of the switch handle (where the plastic handle is attached to the switch body bracket), and gently pry or twist the the screwdriver while pulling the handle to the opposite side.  This will compress the handle body and bracket enough to allow the molded-in handle pivot pin to slip past the switch body bracket.

To install a new handle, position the handle over the switch actuator and slip the pivot pin of the new handle into one side of the switch handle bracket, pulling the switch handle slightly to one side.  Use a thin-bladed screwdriver to gently compress the other side of the handle so that the pivot pin can slide into the switch body bracket pivot hole.  This is easier to do than it is to explain!

This should save much time, money, and effort for those of you renovating or restoring your IMSAI.

A major price increase from our switch manufacturer has forced us to increase the price of our replacement handles, which are a special order item.  I know this hurts us all in the wallet, and forces me to tie up major money in inventory that moves slowly.  I continue to supply these in the spirit of helping IMSAI owners to maintain their systems in original condition.

8080 Front Panel Switch Handle (paddle) Kit
Full set of  22 replacement handles in the correct colors.  Eleven blue paddle-style, ten red paddle-style, and one red rocker-style.  New, fresh stock! (original IMSAI I-8080 specification!)
SAVE $20.00 ($164.00 if purchased individually)
- 26-6608001

$144.00/ set of 22

Handle only, Red Paddle 10 26-9000010 $7.00 ea.
Handle only, Blue Paddle 11 26-9000020 $8.00 ea.
Handle only, Red Rocker (Power On/Off) 1 26-9000030 $6.00

New production IMSAI cabinets and sheet metal parts


Qty req'd

Part Number


* Cabinet Base




* Back Frame




* Front Frame




* Card Frame (Side Rail)- 2 req'd



$59.00 ea.

* Cable Clamp, rear frame




* Switch Escutcheon (Front Piece), I-8080
front panel, charcoal gray (texture)




* Cover, I-8080, IMSAI blue (texture).  Identical to the original IMSAI 8080 and the IMSAI Series Two.  Painted in IMSAI Blue textured finish




* Rubber Feet, Cabinet Base (set)

1 set


$4.00 set

* Label- "DANGER" (used on top of right Card Frame, next to power supply)

1 17-0808001


* Screw, 6-32 x 5/16" pph zinc (used for cabinet assembly)



$1.50/ set of 24

* Screw, 6-32 x 3/8" pph zinc (used for Cabinet Cover attachment)

4 20-3502001

$.50/ set of 4

* Screw, 6-32 x 1/2" pph zinc (used for Back Frame Cable Clamp)



$.50/ set of 2

* Washer, #6 internal star lock (used for cabinet assembly, dropped in later production. We recommend using them, though!)



$.50/ set of 26

IMSAI Motherboard Parts


Qty req'd

Part Number


Screw, 6-32 x 3/4" nylon pan head
NOTE:  The original nylon screws get brittle with age.  It's a good idea to replace them to prevent loss of the nut, which may short out some traces!

24 20-3701002 $3.50/ set of 24

Washer, #6 shoulder fiber washer
These get lost when the nylon screws snap off!

48 21-3330001 $2.50/ set of 24

Spacer, 6-32 x 1/4" threaded aluminum hex
It can be difficult to remove a broken nylon screw shank from these!

24 21-4600001 $4.00/ set of 24

Nut, 6-32 machine small pattern

24 21-3120001 $1.00/ set of 24

Connector, S-100 low profile solder tail
NOTE:  The original T.I. low profile sockets which were standard for factory IMSAI products are no longer available, but these are a superior connector that are interchangeable.  When replacing a socket, break the body apart CAREFULLY to make pin removal easier, and to reduce the possibility of trace damage to the motherboard!

- 26-5600001 $12.00 ea.