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Some Testimonials

Some of our customers have been gracious enough to let us know of their satisfaction with our products and service. Since Fischer-Freitas Company was founded in 1978, we've always strived to provide the best we could offer in customer satisfaction and value. Here are some comments from some of the fine folks who've helped keep the IMSAI legend alive and well...

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the manual and parts.  The
manual is very nice indeed.  Thanks."  -Mike Davis (5-20-2002)

"I received my "IMSAI 8080 Microcomputer System Reference Manual" today.  The manual has Major Geek Appeal :)  I just wanted to say Thank You for producing a Great Product and making a piece of history available to the public.   Thanks."    -Bill McCleod (4/6/2002)

"Good grief, Tom, these paddles are absolutely beautiful! The dies are
clearly from the same manufacturer (with very minor modifications). I had
been a little worried I'd get some cheap imitations, something not quite
adequate. Though the color is slightly off as you warned, they are
absolutely authentic. In industrial design, color shifts are common even
from contemporaneous batch to batch. Thank you for making me a happy
customer."    - Peter Zelchenko  (3/20/2002)

From eBay feedback (as uheep1):

"outstanding deal, Manual is the very best,  Fast delivery, Well packaged Thank-u A+++"

"Exactly as depicted. Quick ship, excellent value. Many Thanks!!"

"Nice to do business with, ships promptly, arrives as described, well packaged"